Christine Antalik

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Christine Antalik

Christine Antalik has more than 26 years of experience in accounting and finance including several high-profile, executive-level roles as chief financial officer. Over the course of her illustrious career, Antalik has closed over $800 million in deal transactions through initial public offerings, private and venture equity financings, debt financings, recapitalizations, mergers and acquisitions and research grants. With four consecutive exits over eleven years, she has an impeccable track record of starting, building, growing and improving the profitability, performance and value of companies, while positioning them for the next level of growth or exit.  

Antalik is the managing member of Founders Bridge Advisors, LLC, a business advisory firm located in Connecticut, through which she previously served as chief financial officer of Aeromics, Inc. Antalik also served as chief financial officer of SurgiQuest, Inc. where she led the $265 million acquisition of SurgiQuest by CONMED Corporation after filing the company’s public S-1 statement. Antalik closed a $108 million initial public offering as the vice president of finance and controller at HigherOne, Inc., a financial technology company. Prior to HigherOne, Antalik served as controller for Tangoe, Inc., a software services company. As chief financial officer and treasurer of Hematech, LLC, Antalik formed a joint venture with a key services provider to mitigate business risk and ultimately steered the company to a successful exit, being acquired by Kirin Brewery Company, Limited. Antalik also previously served as controller and senior manager of litigation support and business valuation for Centerprise Advisors, Inc. (currently Marcum, LLP), a national consulting and accounting advisory firm, where she provided expert witness reports in economic damages cases, business valuations and forensic accounting services. 

Antalik earned her bachelor of science degree in business administration from Western New England College, Springfield, Mass.