Jeffrey Sprouse, Ph.D.

Preclinical Program Manager

Portrait of Jeffrey Sprouse

Dr. Jeffrey Sprouse brings over 20 years of drug discovery experience to his current role at Bioasis. Trained as a neuropharmacologist, he has held leadership positions at top tier Pharma organizations, having served as the project lead for a variety of multi-disciplinary drug discovery programs at Pfizer and as the committee chair for early project development at Lundbeck.  At Pfizer, he and his team generated the key POC experiments for a number of clinical candidates; at Lundbeck, his working group focused on back-filling the portfolio pipeline with viable new substrate.

Since 2010, Dr. Sprouse has turned to consulting work with over 30 clients to date, providing evaluations for biological targets in the CNS space for potential investment, honing product profiles for effective messaging to key decision-makers, developing mechanistic stories for NCEs, and triaging clinical indications for best fit.  Along the he has managed all aspects of preclinical programs, including out-sourcing efforts for time- and cost-sensitive delivery of data at CROs worldwide.

Dr. Sprouse obtained his PhD at Cornell University Medical College and his postdoctoral training in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University.  He is author / co-inventor on over 60 scientific papers, book chapters, and patents.