Pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms and academic institutions spend billions of dollars each year on research and development of therapies that target the central nervous system.

Prior to the availability of the Bioasis xB3 platform, many of these efforts were unsuccessful due to the lack of target engagement, i.e., the inability of the drug to reach its target in the brain in sufficient quantities to test the therapy’s effectiveness in the clinic. The xB3 platform addresses this challenge by delivering medicine into the brain at doses capable of engaging the relevant disease target. With the ability to transport drugs of nearly any type and size across the blood-brain barrier, the xB3 platform is now available for licensing to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for the advancement of their neurotherapeutic programs.

The extensive capabilities of the xB3 platform allow Bioasis to offer flexible and comprehensive licensing models to our collaborators. Licensees experience the advantages of the xB3 platform as they work to advance their CNS drug candidates into the laboratory and through clinical trials. Bioasis experts provide support and guidance from our comprehensive xB3 Knowledge Base, including fusion protein construction methods, pharmacokinetic assessment and intellectual property protection related to our xB3 platform. Any CNS therapeutics that advance via the xB3 platform will be considered new chemical entities (NCE) with full patent extensions.